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New Student Pilots:
How to do a Pre-flight Inspection - This will help you remember how to perform a thourough pre-flight check.
The Instrument Panel - Become familiar with your instrument panel as soon as you can. The quicker you can find the information inside the plane that you need, the easier it will be to control the aircraft!
Starting Engine and Pre-takeoff Runup - Review your start-up checklists!

Develop your Situational Awareness:
Islip Airport Diagram (pdf 133 kb) - Situational Awareness is the hardest part about learning how to fly! A great way to get started is know your local aiport runway's and taxiways!
Know how to fly the Traffic Pattern - The key to a sucessful landing, is knowing where you are at all times and being able to think ahead of the plane. You need to know how to fly a typical traffic pattern!
Traffic Pattern Entries - This tool will help new pilots vizualize how to enter the traffic pattern at various airports.

Working with the Radios:
Radio Stack Guide - A visual depiction and explanation of the radios. Be sure to use this in conjunction with your VFR Communications Manual (which was included with your enrollment syllabus)!
www.liveatc.net - List live to Air Traffic Control on your computer! Enter ISP in the search box, and maybe you'll hear your instructor flying around!

Navigation and Flight Planning Tools:
   American Airman Navigation Log (pdf 19 kb)
   Weather Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) - TAFs - RadarNEXRAD Radar
   Weather.com - 10-day forecast for central Long Island

   Duats - Free access to CSC DUATS is available to U.S. pilots and student pilots.
   FAA NOTMAS - Notices to Airmen
   AirNav.com - Airport Information, Fuel Prices, IFR Approach Plates, etc.
   TFRs - Check for Temporary Flight Restrictions
   A/FD online - The FAA now has the green book online

Know Your Aircraft:

  ALARUS Cessna
Checklists: Alarus CH2000 (CH2T) C172   
Weight & Balance Forms: Alarus CH2000 (CH2T) C172
Traffic Patterns: CH2T C172   
Pilot's Operation Handbook: Alarus POH (pdf 2.3 mb) C172-H POH (pdf 3.8 mb)

   Alarus Mx Manual (pdf 3.7 mb)
   Alarus Parts Manual (pdf 2.1 mb)
   CH2000 Service Letters
   Alarus Home Page (www.newplane.com)

Other Pilot Tools: (You must be an enrolled student and have an access code)
   VFR Communications Manual - How to manage radio communications
   Private Pilot Syllabus - Flight Lessons to keep your training focused and on track
   Pre-solo Written - Important subjects to understand prior to your first solo
   Maneuvers Manual - A step-by-step guide of procedures & descriptions to
                                help you ace your check ride

FAA Books:
   Airplane Flying Handbook - FAA-H-8083-3a - Aug. 16, 2005
   Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - FAA-H-8083-25a - Sept. 2, 2009

   Private Pilot PTS - Effective June 01, 2012
   Commercial Pilot PTS - Effective June 01, 2012

 Flight Training Programs:  
 - Learn to Fly - Private Pilot
 - Instrument Flying - IFR
 - Commercial/Career Pilots
 - Flight Instructor Courses

Learn to Fly - Introductory Flying Lessons and Gift Certificates

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