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We are located in the heart of Long Island, New York, right at MacArthur Airport. You can easily get to our flight training facilities by Car from anywhere on Long Island using the LIE or Sunrise Highway, and we are an Easy Train ride from New York City's Penn Station!

We are often asked what sets us apart from other flight training programs...

Topping the list:
 -  Our Commitment to Safety (more)
 -  Personalized One-on-One Flight Lessons (more)
 -  Low Cost of Flying Lessons
 -  Our New, Clean, & Modern Airplanes (more)
 -  Our Online Student Pilot Tools will help you
     learn more efficiently (more)

Frequently Asked Questions:
 - How Long Does it Take to Learn to Fly on Long Island?
 - How do I Start the Process of Learning to Fly?
 - How Much Does it Cost To Learn To Fly on Long Island?
 - What are the Age Requirements to Learn to Fly?
 - Can I use the GI Bill for flying lessons?

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Choosing the right place to learn to fly is a difficult choice whether you are learning to fly for fun or for a career. We understand each of our student pilots is an individual and has specific needs. You will receive a primary instructor that will be responsible for personally guiding you through your flying lessons, using our very own flight training syllabus and unique tools, and at times that are convenient for you.

Don't forget to check out our Useful Flying Links and Resources page, where you can find lots of valuable information that will help you as you learn to fly.

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Private Pilot License
Impress your friends and family as you take them soaring through the sky. Our specially designed syllabus will guide you through the learning program.
Instrument Pilot
Get confidence to complete the flight when the weather is less than perfect. You will have the skills to make it safely to your destination in case conditions worsen.
Commercial Pilot
Required for anyone that wants a career as a pilot - this certificate will allow you to get paid to fly!


 Flight Training Programs:  
 - Learn to Fly - Private Pilot
 - Instrument Flying - IFR
 - Commercial/Career Pilots
 - Flight Instructor Courses

Learn to Fly - Introductory Flying Lessons and Gift Certificates

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