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On a very cold winter day, when one of our pilots was having a hard time getting the engine started...

"Hey Dave. Just wanted to say thanks for the help this morning. I will remember....NO PRIME from now on. I really just assumed with the preheat and all it would need it. Anyways thanks again. You really run a nice operation there, I really like the freedom and how laid back it is, not like some locked down flight school.... See you soon. Dylan"

An email received from the father of one of our foreign commerical student pilots after having passed an FAA flight check...

"Hi, Dear David I would like to thanks you for your efforts you put to train Akshay. I am obliged. SK"

After a client issued a refund of a birthday present that was cancelled due to less than perfect weather...

"David, Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter. (That was fast) I highly appreciate your help. We will be out of the country for a few months but I will contact you as soon as we come back. Have a nice day and thank you very much again. We'll keep in touch. Roxana"
When there was some confusion about how much of a refund was due on a Learn To Fly Gift Certificate that was purchase over 1 year prior...

"Sorry about that. I have no idea where I got 236 from. You are absolutely right. It was 200. Thanks for sending the check so quickly!"
An example of how our willingness to issues quick refunds for any reason...

"David, I am sorry but I am going to need a refund for the gift certificate. I thought it was going to make a great unique gift but instead scared the living day lights out of my father. So he definitely does not want to do it and I can't give it to anyone else.
Thanks Ariel"

... After receiving a prompt refund...
"David, Thank you again, and sorry for any inconvenience. I will definitely keep my mind open for future gifts. Thanks Ariel ! "

A cleint wanted to downgrade a Gift Lesson from our Starter Package to our Extended Introductory Flying Lesson...

"Hi David, thanks for the honesty with the fast refund /payment. Jeff will
be very excited when he gets the lesson we will see you sometime after June
8th That is our 17th Anniversary, so I thank you in advance for doing what
you do best. Fly safe. see you in later June. Thanks, Diane! "

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 - Commercial/Career Pilots
 - Flight Instructor Courses

Learn to Fly - Introductory Flying Lessons and Gift Certificates

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