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Flight Instructor Courses - Teach the joy the flying! 

After you earn your commercial pilot certificate, you may start training to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). In today's extremely competitive industry, the airlines are very selective of the pilots they hire. They base their decisions not only on the amount of time you have in the air, but also on the type of experience you have.
The airlines favor pilots who have built their time instructing other pilots over pilots who have built their time flying banners up and down the beach. Any pilot that earns a Flight Instructor Certificate has clearly achieved a higher level of understanding.

While working on your instructor certificate at American Airman, you will have the opportunity to aid in our ground instruction classrooms as well as observe instructional flights with our other students. This will help sharpen your teaching skills and make you a better instructor when you have finished your training. And best of all, after you complete your training, you will have the opportunity to work with us as one of our instructors!

For advanced training (anything after your private pilot certificate), we charge an extra $10/hr for both the aircraft and instructor over our posted rates for primary instruction.

Estimated Costs:
Since our Flight Instructor Course is typically combined with our commercial pilot course, after you complete your Commercial Pilot Certificate you are practically ready for your Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. We anticipate it will cost another $4000 for flight and ground training and $500 for exam fees before you are ready to earn your CFI. Then, upon completion of your training, we will hire you as one of our instructors, and you will be able to earn money flying as a career pilot!

* Also, as one of our instructors, we will provide free instruction for your Instrument Instructor Certificate!

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