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Commercial Pilot Certificate - Get paid to fly!

A Commercial Pilot Certificate is required for anyone that wants a career as a pilot - this certificate will allow you to get paid to fly! While working towards this goal, we will be honing your skills as a pilot until you master a number of advanced maneuvers and can handle more complex aircraft. Assuming your goal is to fly for an airline some day, we will be incorporating many important procedures the airlines use in your training, which will help foster an easy transition to a career as a professional pilot. In addition to this, we use this portion of your training to help prepare you for your first job as a pilot - a Certified Flight Instructor.

Estimated Costs:
It is very difficult to estimate the cost of adding your Commercial Pilot Certificate to the above courses, because it will depend greatly on your previous experience. Therefore, we have based our estimate on the minimum flight time required by the FAA in order to be a commercial pilot - 250 flight hours. All the flight time you needed to get your Private Pilot Certificate and your Instrument Rating count towards the required 250 hours, and are therefore included in this estimate. The total represents the estimated cost to you if you were to enter our program with ZERO experience.

For advanced training (anything after your private pilot certificate), we charge an extra $10/hr for both the aircraft and instructor over our posted rates for primary instruction.

Note: The hours of flight/ground instruction can be greatly reduced based on a person's study habits. In addition to this, if you already have a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and the 250 hours of minimum flight time, the cost of your Commercial Pilot Certificate will be considerably less. Please call us… we will be happy to discuss your individual situation.

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