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On a very cold winter day, when one of our pilots was having a hard time getting the engine started...
"Hey Dave. Just wanted to say thanks for the help this morning. I will remember....NO PRIME from now on. I really just assumed with the preheat and all it would need it. Anyways thanks again. You really run a nice operation there, I really like the freedom and how laid back it is, not like some locked down flight school.... See you soon. Dylan"

An email received from the father of one of our foreign commercial student pilots after having passed an FAA flight check...
"Hi, Dear David I would like to thanks you for your efforts you put to train Akshay. I am obliged. SK"

After a client was issued a refund for a flying lesson that had to be cancelled due to weather...
"David, Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter. (That was fast) I highly appreciate your help. We will be out of the country for a few months but I will contact you as soon as we come back. Have a nice day and thank you very much again. We'll keep in touch. Roxana"

When there was some confusion about how much of a refund was due on a Learn To Fly Gift Certificate that was purchase over 1 year prior...
"Sorry about that. I have no idea where I got 236 from. You are absolutely right. It was 200. Thanks for sending the check so quickly!"

An example of how our willingness to issues quick refunds for any reason...
"David, I am sorry but I am going to need a refund for the gift certificate. I thought it was going to make a great unique gift but instead scared the living day lights out of my father. So he definitely does not want to do it and I can't give it to anyone else.
Thanks Ariel"
... After receiving a prompt refund...
"David, Thank you again, and sorry for any inconvenience. I will definitely keep my mind open for future gifts. Thanks Ariel ! "

A client wanted to downgrade a Gift Lesson from our Starter Package to our Extended Introductory Flying Lesson...
"Hi David, thanks for the honesty with the fast refund /payment. Jeff will
be very excited when he gets the lesson we will see you sometime after June
8th That is our 17th Anniversary, so I thank you in advance for doing what
you do best. Fly safe. see you in later June. Thanks, Diane! "

After you take one of our introductory flying lessons...
We will send you one follow-up email to see if you have any questions or feedback for us. We are continually trying to make everyone's first time flying an airplane a wonderful experience!

Here is what some of our first-time flyers have had to say about us:

March 21
My flying lesson was great! I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to my next flight. I definitely want to continue it.
<< from Justin >>

January 19
Hello David, Just a quick email to express my happiness with today's (first) lesson, coached by John. John was everything I was hoping for: detailed, courteous, calm, patient (for my many questions) and made it a memorable experience. Please make sure to share my comments with him, and to recognize him as per your company's policy. I will be back. Ditza

November 20
It was great, easy and we'll... Easy. Next thing ya know, up in the air and over the sound. Hope to see you guys again soon.
<< from Rob >>

October 01
The flying lesson was great, I had an amazing time, thanks for asking! I look forward to the magazine subscription!

September 25
Thanks Ben,
That sounds good. We can talk more about it when my starter package is over. The handbook is a really good resource, I have been reading a lot of it. I can definitely tell that you hold it in high regard, as I have noticed a lot of the procedures in the book are similar to what you did with me (positive transfer of controls, calling out "clear" before engine start, figuring out the offset from the horizon when looking at the nose, etc) I started a system where I bought myself a big notebook, and am using it to take notes while reading. I have a section of the book devoted to a summary of my flights (what we covered, how I felt I did, how I could do better, and input from your debrief). The other section is for notes from the handbook that I read based on the syllabus.

I am really excited to learn as much as I can. See you soon.
<< Joe>>

September 12
Hey Ben, It was awesome. I had a great time. Thanks for checking in! Jess

August 26
I really enjoyed the lesson. Joe was awesome, he really got me interested in learning more. I am looking to continue lessons in the near future. My situation right now doesn't allow me to do it every week, but i hope to casually continue and build enough knowledge and experience to eventually get a license. -James.

July 30
"Just to let you know that today July 30 was my first lesson with John. He was great I love it he explain every step to me, I
felt really comfortable he was great I learn a lot. John is a great pilot. Looking forwer to another lesson. Thank you so much I'm very happy."
- Edwin N

July 12
Hi Ben,
The introductory lesson was fantastic and John was wonderful. I'm very interested in taking another lesson, probably in August. Can you tell me the cost for the second lesson? As soon as I get my August work schedule, I'll call to make the appointment.
And yes, I'd very much like to receive the free 6-month subscription to AOPA's Flight Training Magazine. I don't think I selected the option to receive the magazine when I signed in. Thanks so much!

June 12
Everything went great, John makes me very comfortable behind the controls. Looking forward to next 2 lessons.
<< from Robert A>>

May 25
This was my dream come true! I have been waiting for this day since I was 5 years old. Adam, my instructor was excellent. I couldn't have had a better experience. Thank you guys soo much. I'm seriously considering getting my license now, can you give me some info on your courses?
<< from Mehmet>>

May 12
Ben - I had a great experience with the intro flying lessons especially with Joe my instructor which I felt very comfortable with. I hope I can continue with more lessons when it becomes affordable for me. Thanks again Tom K.

April 25
Hi David - The lesson went really well! John was wonderful; he was very informative and professional. --- Thanks!
Karen H.

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