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Long Island Flying Staff is unique compared to most flight training companies. Our instructors unlike many are not just instructing to build their flight time. Our instructors have a vested interest in this company and therefore have a vested interest in our clients.

At American Airman we understand that our Clients have many options when selecting a Flight Training Solution, so we have made it one or our top priorities to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We continue to provide this level through selecting personnel that are experienced in both Aviation and Business, so that we have a staff that understands without the satisfaction of our clients, we have no business.

All of our Instructors are FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Our Instructors all have more then 500 hours of instruction time given. Our Instructors have college credentials and industry experience that rivals most flight training companies.

Our team of Maintenance Professionals has been in the business of maintaining flight school aircraft for over 25 years. Our team is always professional, friendly and hardworking. This combination of rare traits allows us to have our fleet safely flying when the aircraft are needed most. Our team is always available to answer questions, concerns that may arise regarding our aircraft. Our team works with us on a flight-to-flight basis to ensure the highest levels of safety for our clients and our staff.

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