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Directions - To Our Airport Facilities

We moved into a wonderful new office on June 21, 2017!

We operate by appointment only!
Please be sure to call and set up a time to come out to meet us!

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On June 21, we moved into our new office!
We are now just a bit further south on the same road.

Not only is it beautiful, it is easy to find!

Enter our address in your navigation device:
1965 Smithtown Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

We are located in the Liberty Jet Building.
The entrance to our lobby is in the middle of the building.

Ring the bell and we will come down and welcome you into our new home!

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If you do not have a navigation device, follow the step-by-step directions below!

LIE - from Western Long Island

1. Eastbound LIE, Exit 60 - "Ronkonkoma Avenue"
2. At 1st light - Turn Right on Ronkonkoma Ave. Go 1.3 miles (Ronkonkoma Ave becomes Smithtown Ave)
3. The Liberty Jet Building will be on the left

LIE - from Eastern Long Island

1. Westbound LIE, Exit 60 - "Ronkonkoma Avenue"
2. Take Service road to 2nd light, turn left Go 1.4 miles (Ronkonkoma Ave becomes Smithtown Ave)
3. The Liberty Jet Building will be on the left

Sunrise Highway - Take Exit 49 from East or West
 1. Take Exit 49 "Lakeland Ave."
2. Turn North onto Lakeland Avenue - (Left if coming from the west / Right if from the east)
3. Go 2.1 miles (through many traffic lights) You will cross Veteran's Highway (RT-454) At Traffic light - Right onto Smithtown Ave.
4. Go 0.5 miles and 1st Right Turn is our parking lot
5. We are in the Liberty Jet Office Building

Train from Manhattan:
Trains leave Penn Station hourly on weekdays and weekends (more often during weekday peak eastbound times).
Trains usually leave Penn about 10-12 minutes past the hour, and arrive about 20 minutes before the hour - Check online!
Take the Ronkonkoma Line of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), to the last stop - Ronkonkoma (about 1 hour 20 minutes)

You can check schedules at http://lirr42.mta.info/ (destination Ronkonkoma Station)

  Recommended (about $7.00)
  - Do not go to the main airport terminal!
  - Tell The Driver - You need the Liberty Jet Building - 1965 Smithtown Ave.
  - Follow directions above to find our office, ring the bell, and we will come down and welcome you in!!!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WALK:  (about 20-25 minutes).
  - There is a nice grassy walkway, but it is along a very busy road and not always perfectly cut.

  - After exiting the train, look for the HUGE parking lot on the south side of the train tracks.
  - Walk diagonally to the right across the HUGE parking lot - you will come to Smithtown Ave.
  - You will see the airport ahead to the left, (Do not cross Smithtown Ave).

  - Eventually, you will come to the Liberty Jet Building on your left
  - Follow directions above to find our office and get buzzed in, and find our office.

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