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Instrument Airplane Rating - Build your confidence!  

Not every pilot needs an instrument rating, but it will give you the confidence to make a journey when the weather is less than perfect. You will have the skills necessary to make it safely to your destination if conditions worsen.

Just like all of our programs, we have developed a highly structured flight training syllabus to help you master the intricacies of instrument flying. Our training program operates under FAA Part 61. Depending each student's level of experience, we make an effort not only to teach instrument skills, but also to introduce Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training and concepts.

Estimated Costs
The cost of adding an Instrument Airplane rating to your Private Pilot Certificate will depend greatly on the amount of experience you have.

For advanced training (anything after your private pilot certificate), we charge an extra $10/hr for both the aircraft and instructor over our posted rates for primary instruction.

The majority of new Private Pilots typically have around 5 hours of Pilot In Command (PIC) cross-country time and just over 3 hours of simulated instrument time.

The FAA requires at least of 50 hours PIC cross-country time and 40 hours of instrument time to be eligible for an instrument rating.

Our training syllabus is designed to help you reach both these time requirements, so that you will have the FAA requirements as efficiently as possible.

Please call so that we can discuss your individual experience, and more accurately estimate how much it may cost you to complete an instrument rating.

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