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     Useful Aviation Links & Resources!!!

Other Careers In Aviation :
  Helicopter Pilots - Our long-time sister school here on Long Island and co-located with our facitly is Helicopter Flight Training!
  Aviation Colleges
  Air Traffic Controller Training (one of our long-time free-lance flight instructors is actually a full-time Controller!)
  Flight Attendant Training
  Aircraft Mechanic Training
  Aircraft Dispatcher Training

General Information:
   FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
   Regulatory & Guidance Library - Aviation Regulations, Advisory Circulars, etc.
   FlightPhysical.com - Need a Pilot Medical Exam or Studend Pilot Certificate?
   AOPA - Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
   Air Shows -
   Landings.com - Pilot Databases

Other Helpful Information:
   Long Island Railroad - (Schedule from Penn Station)

Looking for a Flight School other than on Long Island?
   www.bestaviation.net - Best Aviation Schools
   Flight School Database
   Flight School List.com -
   JustFlightSchools.com -
   Avhome.com -
   Pilot Advice Flight School Directory - Pilot Advice is an online resource for people learning how to fly. Find flight schools, flying lessons, pilot training and general information about aviation.

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