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Average Cost per Lesson

The short version...
A typical flying lesson will average between $250 - $290 per lesson.
Based on our current airplane rental and instructor rates (valid as of )

The long version...
A typical flying lesson is based on a 2-hr block of time, so the cost for the instructor's time will be 2x $50, or $100 a lesson. Billing out flight instruction like this allows for crucial flight briefings, both before and after each flying lesson.

A pre-flight briefing is important, because we want to establish goals for each flight lesson and to make sure our clients know what we are going to try to accomplish every time they come out to fly.

We use the post-flight briefing to discuss your performance during the lesson so we can focus on improving your knowledge and skills, and we brief you on what to prepare for when you return for your next lesson.

During your 2-hour flight lesson, you only pay for the airplane while you are actually using the airplane. There is a timer in the airplane (called a "hobbs meter"), which is used to keep track of your flying time and bill the appropriate airplane rental cost.

So, if you fly the airplane for exactly 1 hour during your 2-hour lesson, you would pay $150 for the airplane and $100 for instruction, which would come to $250 for that lesson. And if, for example, you use the airplane for 1.2 hours, that would be $180 for the airplane and $100 for instruction - or $280 for the lesson.

It should be noted, that some of our clients prefer longer lessons, which means the cost of each lesson will be more.

Also, in the beginning of your training, there is so much material to cover it's often a good idea to have some extra instruction before/after each flight lesson to help bring things together.

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