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Commitment to Safety!

We have made it our top priority to provide the highest level of safety and security for our clients and staff - safety will never be compromised! Our motto is "Train Hard, Fly Safe" and that's what we do!
Our team of Maintenance Professionals has been maintaining flight school aircraft for over 25 years. Their professional and friendly approach contributes to the learning process, and they are always available to answer questions and address concerns regarding the aircraft. Our head of maintenance is actually an FAA examiner that grants licenses to other mechanics! All of our Instructors are FAA Certified and already have hundreds of hours experience. Our instructors have a vested interest in our company and, therefore, have a genuine interest in our clients' success - they are not here simply building flight time. We will never pressure you or our instructors to fly in marginal weather conditions - we believe it is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground. We always encourage our clients to speak with someone within our organization immediately if they have a suggestion on how our safety can be improved. In Aviation it is everyone's responsibility to act on behalf of safety. The procedures that allow us to continue this level of safety are outlined in our Training Operations Manual. This manual is mandatory reading in our course and we require that every one of our clients and staff have a copy.

We are not only trying to provide safety to our staff and clients, we are also trying to lead the General Aviation Industry in Safety Innovation so other organizations can benefit from what we do.
Our flight line is on an Very Active General Aviation ramp. This requires the discipline and vigilance of everyone on the ramp to provide the highest levels of security. It is everyone's responsibility to report any unusual or suspicious activity immediately. Personal responsibility begins the moment our staff and clients enter the airport environment and continues till they depart the parking lot. If you witness any suspicious or unusual activity at any airport please call 1-866-GA-SECURE (866-427-3287) - the national response center for general aviation security.

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